United Way's Economic Mobility Programs Assist Residents

Financial Wellness at Work Kicks Off at Local Companies

In the complex world of money matters, the Financial Wellness at Work program is making a big difference for workers. The Financial Wellness at Work program is here to guide employees, thanks to a collaborative effort between United Way and local businesses. At Davico Manufacturing, Imtra Corporation, Milhench Supply Company, and New Bedford Community Health, workers are finding the support they need to take charge of their financial destinies.

Dora Lima, a trained Financial Wellness coordinator at United Way, is stationed right in the workplace. Financial Wellness at Work is a program that offers personalized coaching, year-long workshops, and access to resources, all aimed at empowering employees to make informed decisions about their money. Whether it's mastering healthy financial habits, navigating crisis situations, or securing low-cost loans through the Taunton Federal Credit Union, Dora is there every step of the way.

Recent orientations held at all four companies have been met with enthusiasm and participation. Employees have eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn more about managing their finances. Now, with weekly office hours in place, employees have even more chances to seek guidance and support from Dora.

As the pilot program draws to a close in June, United Way is already looking towards the future. Plans are underway to expand the program to other companies in the community, ensuring that more employees have access to the tools and resources needed to achieve financial stability.

The success of the Financial Wellness at Work program underscores the importance of community collaboration in addressing financial challenges. Through the dedication of United Way and local businesses, employees are empowered to build brighter financial futures for themselves and their families.

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To date, 40 employees have taken part in the program, 20 loans have been granted, and employees have been connected to a number of local resources to help them on their economic mobility journeys.

Women United Addresses Economic Mobility for Women

Women United is addressing economic mobility for women in Greater New Bedford with Financial Futures and increasing the conversation around economic mobility with the screening of the film $avvy.

Financial Futures, a 12-week comprehensive financial literacy program for women, graduated eight participants in January as the wrap up to the first cohort. Financial Futures is among the new programs launched by United Way of Greater New Bedford as part of our Economic Mobility impact area. The program is a partnership between Women United initiative and Women’s Money Matters, a Massachusetts based non-profit serving women in their journey to self-sufficiency.

Through the program, participants learned how to improve their credit scores, decrease debt, reduce their financial anxiety, and connect with other women to create a support community.

Women United has hosted 2 cohorts with 22 participants completing the program. Each participant was paired up with a volunteer coach to support them on their journey. The nextFinancial Futures Cohort 2 cohort will begin in September 2024. Recent graduates and their coaches pictured right.

We are looking for volunteers for future cohorts. Whether you are interested in presenting a specific topic during one session, or want to coach a participant for 12 weeks, you can find all the information about getting more involved by clicking here.

To further the conversation around economic mobility for women, United Way of Greater New Bedford’s Women United and the Women’s Fund SouthCoast teamed up to bring the highly acclaimed documentary, $avvy, to New Bedford. $avvy investigates the historical, cultural and societal norms around women and money. This event elevated and expanded the conversation around economic mobility for women.