Since 1996 our United Way has served as the fiscal partner and home of New Bedford Community Connections Coalition (NBCCC).

Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to build a continuum of family support services and resources in our most at-risk neighborhoods to decrease factors that lead to child abuse and maltreatment, our NBCCC staff and its Coalition members work to promote the family’s voice in all aspects of our community and address the systemic barriers facing many of the families and children living in our community.

NBCCC works through a philosophy and culture of building off family’s strengths regardless of the challenges and obstacles they face.

NBCCC is continually working to improve the landscape for families in New Bedford. This year NBCCC’s Task Force for Foster Care Support members worked to increase our community’s awareness and responsive to the needs of foster children and their foster families; developed and supported a cross section of fathers to be more competent and nurturing through its Nurturing Father’s Program; created access and opportunities for parent leadership; and helped to advance the our community’s Early Literacy/Early Learning efforts.