Though some community needs are ongoing – such as those outlined in the Health, Education, and Financial Stability impact areas – some needs and opportunities emerge unexpectedly. This includes community needs that arise out of emergencies or crises, as well as time sensitive opportunities that have the potential for high impact.

The Emerging Needs and Opportunities funding stream allows UWGNB to effectively respond to those types of needs with the immediate attention they require.

Examples of projects that could by funded by the Emerging Needs and Opportunities Fund:

  • Capacity-building opportunities for non-profits and city departments that have the potential for significant social return
  • Projects that mobilize people and resources in the event of an emergency, crisis, or natural disaster
  • Advocacy efforts that are aligned with UWGNB’s mission and values and that address a critical need or issue

You must be invited to apply for this fund. There is no minimum request; the maximum request is $10,000.

Current Funded Projects:

The Healing Project ($5,000), YouthBuild
In response to the increasing street violence between the South End and West End, YouthBuild received funding from United Way of Greater New Bedford to support a team of street mentors to outreach to troubled youth and work with the community to prevent violence. The project hosted a community cookout to work to build trust with community members during the summer, and the hope is to eventually negotiate a truce between the West End and South End gangs.

Teen Leadership ?Torch Training? Program ($4,000), Yes We Care, Inc.
The mission of Yes We Care’s Teen Leadership ?Torch Training? Program is to give youth an opportunity to become the leaders of tomorrow. Participants attend a weekend-long training session and then have access to 30 days of coaching and mentoring to reinforce the lessons they learned during the training. After their training, youth have an opportunity to attend the subsequent training as a mentor or an “angel” to support the next group of youth. The Program aims to teach youth how to be effective communicators and listeners, how to have self-control and respect, and how to resolve conflicts, improve their relationships, and be responsible young adults.