Community Investment

    Over 100 programs benefit from United Way of Greater New Bedford’s funding. From small, all-volunteer groups supported through Community Building Mini-Grants to our newest Innovation Challenge, we work to invest our donors’ dollars in groups and organizations that provide the highest quality of programs and services and aren’t afraid to try new approaches to find breakthroughs in Greater New Bedford’s toughest problems.

    We know that our donors value our knowledge of the community and trust us to invest their dollars wisely. For nearly five years, United Way has been transitioning our funding model from a traditional model to one that will have a greater impact with measurable results. As a part of our transition, grantees will be held more accountable to tracking and reporting the outcomes of their programs, which will allow us to better capture and communicate our overall impact.

    Through undergoing this transition, we will be even more responsive to our community needs and will be able to touch even more lives through the programs and services we fund.