The United Way of Greater New Bedford is the local leader when it comes to promoting volunteerism.  We are an incredible resource for anyone interested in getting involved. 

We know that often people have the desire to make a difference, but don’t know where to begin.  Between family, work and/or school, and the million other demands in our lives, most people don’t think they have the time to commit to volunteerism.  The simple fact is whether you can give a few hours a week, a month or even a year, it all adds up to making a difference.

Volunteer SouthCoast

Volunteer SouthCoast

We are proud to partner with our neighboring United Ways to launch Volunteer SouthCoast. This free online tool matches individuals interested in volunteering with non-profit organizations in need of support.  Volunteer SouthCoast makes it simple for individuals, students, seniors, families and community groups to link with opportunities for service.  Anyone interested in sharing their time and talents can search local volunteer opportunities, and if desired, tailor their search to area of interest, skills or location.


Service Enterprise

United Way of Greater New Bedford is also committed to the Points of Light Service Enterprise Initiative. Nonprofits that operate as Service Enterprises more effectively address community needs and run on almost half the median budget than those nonprofits that do not leverage volunteers across all levels of the their organization. When an organization leverages volunteers, managing them effectively, it is in a better position to grow.

Service Enterprise Vision: United Way of Greater New Bedford strives to create an environment that welcomes, encourages and engages individuals and families to volunteer to utilize their skills to meet the needs of the organization as well as fulfill the aspirations of the volunteers. Through Volunteer SouthCoast, United Way assists organizations by connecting them with potential volunteers to fulfill organizational needs, thus encouraging volunteerism community-wide.

United Way is grateful for the Massachusetts Service Alliance for making the Service Enterprise Initiative available to our community. Click here to learn more about Service Enterprise.

Sylvia Group of Insurance Agencies

How can my company get more involved?

Companies and United Way care about creating a stronger community where we can all lend a hand to advance the common good.

Volunteerism is a key component of many companies’ philanthropic and community goals. Through our annual Day of Caring and Volunteer SouthCoast database, United Way helps companies connect the volunteer power of their employees to where it’s needed most.

Volunteering through the workplace benefits employees, corporations, and the community at large. Employees have the opportunity to put their skills to action, companies demonstrate their corporate citizenship, and people’s lives are improved.

Employees benefit by:
  • Building ties to the local community
  • Learning new skills including leadership and supervision
  • Strengthening relationships with colleagues
  • Enhancing their relationship and esteem for the company
Corporations benefit by:
  • Gaining improved relations with members of their community
  • Learning about critical community issues
  • Building morale and sense of team spirit
  • Enhancing their ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees
Day of Caring:

The Day of Caring is an event where volunteers from local businesses give their time and services by assisting nonprofit agencies with various projects that they may not otherwise have the staff or resources to accomplish.

This event not only provides agencies with valuable support, but it also allows volunteers to see first-hand the tremendous work being done in the community.

Day of Caring is held every September. Please check back for more details.