United Way of Greater New Bedford Announces Community Impact Funding

United Way of Greater New Bedford announces $289,025 in community impact funding to organizations throughout Greater New Bedford. This funding will support high quality programs and services in the areas of health, education, and financial stability.

Prior to this year, United Way funded programming in the Greater New Bedford community through support to traditional agency partners. After completing a strategic plan in 2012, United Way made the decision to transition how it funded in the community. This transition included the creation of new funding streams to better respond to community needs and have a greater impact.

This year, United Way opened the “traditional” grant process to any organization already serving the Greater New Bedford community with high quality programming and services in its three focus areas health, education, and financial Stability– allowing United Way to increase its impact while addressing the most pressing needs in the region. In this first year, 16 organizations have received funding through this year’s Community Impact Grant stream. All applications were thoroughly reviewed by 17 volunteer Citizens Reviewers who made the final award decisions. A full list of recipients is available at unitedwayofgnb.org/community-impact-grants.

“It’s an exciting time at United Way – full of opportunity and change,” said Michelle Hantman, President & CEO at United Way. “As the needs in our community continue to change, we’ve realized to stay relevant and impactful, we need to be flexible and change with those needs. With the updates to our community Impact funding and the creation of new funding streams like the Innovation Fund, South End Engaged, and the Emerging Needs funds, we can assist in creating lasting, positive change for residents.”

In addition to the Community Impact Grants, United Way has funded additional organizations over the past year through the Innovation Fund, South End Engaged, and the Emerging Needs fund. In January, the Innovation Fund awarded nearly $300,000 to three organizations to begin new, innovative programs. These programs are currently being implemented across Greater New Bedford and are well on their way to creating transformational change.

In the past 10 years, United Way has invited nearly $10 million into community initiatives and programs. To learn more about United Way of Greater New Bedford or to get involved with its work, visit unitedwayofgnb.org.