Help United, Greater New Bedford COVID-19 Response Fund Guidelines For Applying

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    This funding will provide emergency financial assistance for individuals during the COVID-19 public health crisis to meet needs such as housing, child care, and other basic needs. United Way of Greater New Bedford will distribute funds on a rolling basis beginning April 6, 2020 and continue until funds are expended.

    We are committed to supporting individuals and families in our community who have experienced job loss or wage reduction due to COVID-19 since March 16, 2020, and will continue to raise money for the initiative. We are also monitoring the provisions and changes to the CARES Act to ensure that we are serving those who are experiencing the greatest need.

    Priority consideration will be given to low income out of work service industry workers (eg. Hospitality, cosmetology, trade) and retired or out of work seniors over 65. Recipients must live in Greater New Bedford (Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, Marion, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Rochester, or Wareham).

    Checks must be issued directly to the vendor/provider to pay for eligible services rather than to the beneficiary. Due to the flexibility of this fund, every effort should be made by all parties to pair these funds with other existing public or private sources allowing for the best possible outcome in regard to preventing eviction or other crisis. The amount granted in each case should be kept to the minimum necessary to stabilize the individual or household, typically not to exceed $1,000 per household. Households may only apply once for this opportunity.

    There are no income eligibility guidelines. United Way of Greater New Bedford and/or a service agency will complete an assessment of need based on an application, interview, and references. Due to the nature of the crisis, interviews will take place virtually.

    Emergency Financial (Cash) Assistance

    These funds may be used to support individuals with financial hardship directly related to this COVID-19 public health crisis.

    What these funds can cover:

    • Rent/mortgage owed
    • Utility expenses
    • Child care expenses
    • Other needs as mutually agreed upon

     Successful applicants are invited to share their story.

    What you’ll need for the application:

    • A GMail email address
    • A photo ID
    • Your most recent pay stub for employment verification. If you do not have pay stubs available, you may submit other documentation that verifies that you qualify for this assistance. Documents include a severance letter, communication from your employer about reduced hours, application for unemployment, etc. Disability or Social Security statements do not count as employment verification.
    • A photo of the bill(s) you are requesting be paid.

    All documents must be 10MB or smaller.

    Please contact United Way of Greater New Bedford at  with any questions or unique situations related to these guidelines.

    Read the Help United Greater New Bedford COVID-19 Response Fund FAQs here.