Featured Initiatives

    For decades United Way of Greater New Bedford has operated our own programs and led initiatives in the communities we serve. Now more than ever we are increasing these efforts whenever needed. That said, we do not aim to compete with the organizations we fund; we see our direct service work as complementary to the community’s work, often filling a need that has not yet been met. Our programs and initiatives are mainly supported through private grants and government contracts.

    In addition to running our own programs, United Way of Greater New Bedford also serves as lead convener for the community. Our unique position allows us to effectively bring together diverse stakeholders to target specific issues. This ‘collective impact’ is not just an important strategy for solving tough social problems, it’s an absolutely crucial one. Collective impact fundamentally changes the way nonprofits and other types of public and private partners work together to address the root causes of complex social problems. By working together in new collaborative ways, organizations can have the greatest impact.