FamilyWize Partnership Saves Greater New Bedford Residents Money on Prescription Medicine

    In 2019, United Way of Greater New Bedford saved community members over $495,000 on prescription medications – a staggering 70% increase from 2018 – by promoting the use of FamilyWize Prescription Discount Cards.

    FamilyWize cards are easily obtained and can save you an average of 43% on prescription drugs and 5% on pet medication – whether you have insurance or not. When you present your Discount Card to your pharmacist, you earn instant savings. You can also compare prescription costs right on the FamilyWize website to make sure you are getting the best price!

    “My husband lost his job, leaving us without medical insurance. His prescription varies at local pharmacies from $123.02 to $140.47, said Angela, FamilyWize user. “With the FamilyWize discount I can get this at Walmart for $19.71!”

    United Way’s partnership with FamilyWize offers a solution to an issue people across the country face every day as prescription drug costs continue to rise. “Because my prescription was almost $300 a month, I had to work an additional part time job just to cover the cost,” said Deb, FamilyWize user. “With the FamilyWize discount card my prescription cost went down to $38 a month!”

    “Our partnership with FamilyWize ensures residents in Greater New Bedford don’t have to choose between paying their rent and picking up their needed prescriptions,” said Michelle N. Hantman, President & CEO of United Way of Greater New Bedford. “We’re proud to support such a needed health program in our community,”

    This program is one of the longest-running prescription savings programs in the country and is accepted at most pharmacies nationwide, covering all FDA-approved prescription medications. FamilyWize has no eligibility requirements.

    Get your card today at United Way of Greater New Bedford,, downloading the FamilyWize app, or by right clicking and saving the card on this page!

    Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 13 million people nationwide save more than $1.5 billion on their prescription medications. To learn more about FamilyWize and your Prescription Discount Card, visit