NEW BEDFORD — A piece of cement was used to smash the windows and mirrors on a United Way of Greater New Bedford’s truck that delivers food to the hungry.

The 2005 refrigerated truck was found by a volunteer Wednesday morning vandalized, said Victoria Grasela, VP of Marketing and Community at United Way of Greater New Bedford.

“We found a piece of cement that was used to crack the windows and break the mirrors on both sides,” she said, believing the vandalism happened early that morning or sometime overnight on Tuesday.

The truck was parked in its usual spot on Parker Street in a lot near New Bedford High School. A PACE vehicle parked nearby in the same lot also had some front window damage, Grasela noted.

The Hunger Commission truck is used to bring food to those in need throughout the Southcoast.

“It’s frustrating,” Grasela said, because now the truck is out for repairs.

But the food deliveries are still being made, thanks to PACE lending United Way one of their vehicles.

“PACE has a truck they are letting us use,” Grasela said, adding the Hunger Commission program continues.

Anyone with any information about the vandalism are asked to call New Bedford Police at 508-991-6300.

-Standard Times, 2-4-20

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