Area Letter Carriers Collect over 21,000 pounds of food


Area Letter Carriers Collect over 21,000 pounds of food for needy

With the 26th Annual Letter Carriers/USPS Food Drive behind us, we collected over 21,000 pounds of food from our generous postal patrons this past Saturday. This food was collected in New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet and Fairhaven, despite the fact that the predicted weather was for rain throughout the day. Luckily, the rain wasn’t as bad as predicted. However, the forecast probably suppressed the total donations since people often hesitate to put out food during inclement weather for fear it will be spoiled.

For those who either forgot or didn’t put out the food this past Saturday, we usually collect any food put out during the beginning of the following week, and we already picked up several hundred pounds yesterday!

This was a combined effort by City and Rural Letter Carriers, Clerks and management personnel of the USPS, as well as the various food pantries and their volunteers who were recipients of the food. We thank them all for their efforts.

We also thank the various businesses who donated food to feed both the volunteers of the pantries and postal personnel who made the extra effort to collect food throughout the day. We also thank our partners at the United Way, who have been helping us organize the food drive for years.

We also thank the employees at P.J. Keating in Acushnet for allowing us to weigh up the truckloads of food since the New Bedford City Scales at their Shawmut Avenue facility were inoperative and could not be used.

The food, which all remains locally, was distributed to the following pantries:
• The Hunger Commission, stationed at the Downtown P.O., received 3,600 pounds;
• Catholic Social Services, stationed in S. Dartmouth, received 2,700 pounds;
• Shepherd’s Pantry, stationed in Fairhaven, received 3,640 pounds;
• Damien’s Kitchen, stationed in N. Dartmouth, received 3,080 pounds; and
• PACE, stationed at the Mount Pleasant Station, received 7,940 pounds.

Once again, we thank all of our postal patrons for their generous donations, as well as the letter carriers who did the hard work of picking up the food while delivering their mail! We look forward to next year’s food drive.

Yours truly,

Richard M. Drolet, Food Drive Coordinator, New Bedford Installation